Prescription Management Drug-Testing

11% of Americans experience chronic pain, and prescription medication is usually given as a way for these people to manage their pain so they can live normal lives. However, many people abuse these prescription medications.

  • In 2013, there were 16,000 opioid-related overdose deaths
  • About 2 million people abused or were dependent on prescription drugs in 2013
  • In 2012, health care providers wrote 259 million prescriptions for opioid pain medication, enough for every adult in the United States to have a bottle

Opioid pain medication use presents serious risks, including overdose and opioid use disorder. These can drastically reduce work efforts from employees and, ultimately, cost you money.

The CDC recommends that all patients on long-term opioid therapy should have periodic and random drug tests to ensure that they are not abusing their medication or taking different, non-prescribed medication.

Coe Management Group offers Prescription Management Drug-Testing to encourage communication with your employees, improve the safety of your employees and company, and to reduce safety risks.